Zoning Compliance Permit

When is a Zoning Compliance Permit Required?

A zoning compliance permit is required before a dwelling is constructed, moving in a manufactured or modular home, building new construction, remodel (where bedrooms are added or there is an increase in water flow usage), or substantially improving structures where sewage disposal systems are involved or before constructing and/or erecting any building for commercial use, industrial use, or planned unit developments (PUDs) within the Town of Slaughterville. (Reference: Ordinance 55 - Zoning Ordinance)

A permit is also required for any development in Special Flood Hazard areas.

(Reference: Ordinance 41 - Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance). A person shall first make application, pay the necessary fees, and obtain a Zoning Compliance Permit prior to the start of construction. Do not begin construction until application is made for the appropriate permit.

Documents required for a Zoning Compliance Permit Application:
  • A completed Application Form
  • Scaled drawing of the property including proposed project and features
  • Copy of Warranty Deed - document for proving ownership and identifies legal description and location of property
  • Perk Test or Soil Profile - to identify requirements for an appropriate Sewage Disposal System that will support the structure being built.
  • For all manufactured homes, a copy of the title or 936 Form
Once these documents are provided, the Town will approve a conditional permit allowing the start of construction or placement of a manufactured home or modular home onto your property. After the sewage disposal system is completed, the Town requires a copy of the approved Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Final Inspection Form.

These requirements must be met prior to receiving a final occupancy permit and any person occupying the premises.

* For residents, who have a property in a Flood Plain, please be advised that additional requirements are necessary. Applications forms may be printed from this website under the tab marked: References – Forms and Permits or from the Town Hall.

For additional information, please contact the Town Hall at 405-872-3000.